Cherry Laboratories Case Study

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Cherry Laboratories, Incorporated
I. MARKETING As stated by Benito Legarda, the president of Cherry Laboratories Incorporated, one of their strengths is that they are one of the pioneers of the cosmetics industry in the Philippines, he said that when a grandmother uses their products then their children will follow. Basically, they consider word of mouth as a strong marketing strategy which is wrong in a way that those families who doesn’t use Kokuryu Cosmetics has a lower chance of getting knowledge about their products, their word-of-mouth marketing strategy also lacks effort because they do not maximize the use of social media since their posts are not updated.
Comparison of Cherry Laboratories Social Media Cherry Laboratories Hortaleza Beauty Center Ever Bilena Cosmetics
Facebook Likes 2,210 130,190 248,590
Instagram Followers n/a 9,631 82,300
Twitter followers n/a n/a 2,061
Total 2,210 139,821 332,951 As stated in the table, cherry laboratories do not maximize their access social media, because the people they reach through social media is very low compared to HBC and Ever Bilena Cosmetics. Only few people notice their social media accounts which is a big factor for businesses nowadays since most people spend their time using gadgets and browsing;
Last Facebook post from Cherry Laboratories and its competitors as of 2/11/18
Company Name Date
Cherry Laboratories January 17, 2018
Hortaleza Beauty Center February 9,2018
Ever Bilena Cosmetics
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