Cheryl Littleton's Observation Essay

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Behavior observations: Mrs. Cheryl Littleton was a well-dressed married, African-American female who arrived to interview and testing in a timely manner. She presented herself in a forthright manner with no observable indication of misrepresenting her history or psychological complaints. Mild minimization of emotional issues was noted. Mrs. Littleton was oriented and alert. Her speech was clear and logical and goal directed. Her mood was bright with congruent affect. There were no overt indication of anxiety, depression or other psychiatric symptoms. Mrs. Littleton seem to have good awareness and motivation to make positive changes in her life awake management. Personal history Mrs. Littleton was the middle child of four children born her biological parents. She was raised in a number of areas with parents and sibling relationships as being supportive. In her childhood and adolescence she described herself as active and happy. In school she generally received excellent grades and had good relationships with peers and teachers. In high…show more content…
Littleton's performance on the verbal skills of the Wasey places her at the 84th percentile and in the upper limits of the high average range of intellect. Her responses on the over eating questionnaire indicated she presented an accurate and consistent description of her eating patterns. She has a mild tendency to eat after hunger satisfied. Her cravings are moderate and she does not use food extensively for emotional regulation. Her motivation to engage in a regimented diet and exercise plan is good. Her body image is not closely tied to her identity and self-worth. She has the social resources to assist her in times of stress. She is not showing significant symptoms of anxiety depression or other psychological conditions at this time. The SEL-R-90 showed Mrs. Littleton is experiencing very mild symptoms of lower back pain, muscle soreness and sleep difficulty. Her major concern is her over eating
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