Chesapeake Bay Colony

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The New world was a amazing new place to settle for anyone who was looking to get away from being forced to believe in a certain religion. The first attempt England made to settle a colony was set up to fail. Sir Humphrey Gilbert and Sir Walter Raleigh, Humphrey’s half brother, left England bound for The New World with a group of ships. On their journey there ships were forced back by bad weather. Gilbert tried to go back to the New World five years later. He reached the New World finally and claimed it for Queen Elizabeth. Due to weather Gilbert expedition was forced to return back to England due to bad weather. Gilbert’s ship was caught in a storm on the way back and everyone downed. Raleigh sent an expedition in 1584, which explored present day North Carolina that used to be called Albemarle Sounds and the land of Roanoke. For Queen Elizabeth he named the territory Virginia. Elizabeth was known as the “Virgin Queen”. In 1585, was another expedition sponsored…show more content…
Two companies The London Company and The Plymouth Company was to settle southern Virginia and Northern Virginia. The charter outlined how they should govern their colonies. Over 100 men and boys started a colony in Virginia that was prepared by The London Company. The agreement was for seven years the settlers were to share their profits with the stockholders. Three ships sailed into Chesapeake Bay in April of 1607. This group of people named the James River. These people also established a settlement they named Jamestown in May. Jamestown was the first permanent English settlement in the New World. The place they choose to settle on was an easy place to define against people. Other problems arose though like the low-lying land was infested with malaria. The river water was contaminated, and most of the colonists were either really lazy or too proud to work. Half the settlers had died by the first

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