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A wonderful companion and ruthless hunter, the strong Chesapeake Bay Retriever is an American breed with a fascinating history. Thanks to their sturdy stature and thick coats, these dogs can tolerate harsh climates and are always willing to get outdoors and work all day long. Having grown up around water, this breed loves to swim and spend lots of time outdoors, making it perfectly suited for active owners who get plenty of exercise. If you aren’t prepared to get outside for long walks and runs on a daily basis, this might not be the dog for you. If, however, you are capable of fulfilling the Chesapeake Bay Retriever’s exercise requirements, it can be an excellent family companion or hunting partner.
Also known as Chessies, these dogs are very intelligent and hard-working. As hunting dogs, they are capable of extraordinary feats, tracking
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Recent statistics show that the Chessie is not in any danger of dying out soon, with the breed remaining in the top 40 most popular dog breeds owned in the United States. It’s even relatively common to find this dog being used for its original purpose of hunting waterfowl, both in the Chesapeake Bay area and beyond. The Chessie is such a reliable worker that hunters still use it to round up dozens of waterfowl in a single session.
These dogs have also found countless homes as family pets. Various high-profile people, including the President Theodore Roosevelt, have owned Chessies over the years, helping to raise awareness of the breed with the public. The dog’s friendly nature and attractive, Labrador-like appearance has also helped it to become a popular companion. The Chessie is also blessed with a high level of intelligence and can be used for many other roles in the modern world including guard dog, watch dog, obedience trials and other

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