Chesapeake Colonies Relationship

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What is life without relationships? Well, wouldn’t everyone like to know. Relationships can be formed in many different ways and the relationships don’t always turn out positive. Some of the biggest relationships turn out negative, that is just how history played out. In this paper two different relationships will be shaped during the colonial times. The respectful actions of King Philip’s War involving the New England region, resulted in a positive relationship between the Native Americans and the colonists. Whereas during Bacons Rebellion involving the Chesapeake region, the harsh actions caused by the rebellion resulted in a negative relationship between the Native Americans and the colonists. In the New England region the Pilgrims took…show more content…
Nathaniel Bacon was a colonist of the Virginia Colony. Since Bacon lived in bad land on the frontier, he knew first hand how it was to be constantly attacked by the Indians. That is when Bacon decided to rebel against the Governor’s relationships with the Native Americans, as well as being frustrated by the lack of political rights. Bacon challenged the economic and political privileges of the governor’s circle. Governor Berkeley refused to protect frontier farmers, because he was too busy trading fur, so the effect of that was the farmers were constantly being raided by Native Americans. While Berkeley was “too busy” trading fur, he also refuse to remove the Indians saying it would take too much time. This rebel continued until Bacon suddenly died of dysentery. As soon as Bacon’s death occurred, Berkeley hanged many of the rebels and crushed the rebellion. This rebellion also exposed resentments between the wealthy planters of Virginia, and the backcountry frontiersmen. Thus made the Elite worried that the poor white and black virginians would rebel together. Mainly, the constant negative actions between Bacon and Berkeley only helped shape a negative relationship between the
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