Chesapeake Colonies Vs New Spain Essay

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Environment and Development There were many new world crops for the Spanish to cultivate, one being maize. This became a staple in their society. A century after Columbus had crossed the ocean; New Spain had become a strong empire. The access to furs had a strong influence on the New French way of life. Most of the male colonists were involved in it. New France’s strategy through the use of inclusion benefitted them and strengthened their power. Unlike New France, New Englanders had many resources. Since they could sell many different products, their economy was extremely strong. The Chesapeake was rich with the cash crop tobacco. However, it exhausted the soil and required substantial labor. The Chesapeake colony did not develop well.…show more content…
This lead to the mistreatment of the Natives and ultimately many deaths due to not only violence but disease as well New France could have had a dense population of Huguenots, but they decided that New France would be a Catholic colony. This made their population low in numbers. The main religion of the colonists was Protestantism. They wanted to “purify” was the English faith. However, protestants were later caught in the Salem Witch Trials, which were tragic events. Catholicism was the main religion in Chesapeake Bay, especially in Maryland. The result being that wealthy Catholic men leading the Maryland House of Delegates. New Spain New France New England Chesapeake Role of Women Male colonists married Native American women which resulted in mixed heritage families and a sense of inclusion Similar to Spain, French men working in the fur trade frequently married Native American women. Women were expected to work in the house, take care of the children, and be subordinate to their husbands. They were also not educated like men so they could not read or write. Many of the colonists were single men who would marry women as soon as they settled. Men’s life spans were short; women frequently remarried and accumulated wealth. Some called Maryland a
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