Chesterfield County Case Study

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Chesterfield county emerged in 1749 and continued to grow as the years passed. Mrs. Geraldine Hirsch is 84 years old and has been a resident of Chester for most of her life. She was able to witness the growth of Chesterfield as it became a more well-known county with the population increasing each day. Mrs. Hirsch believes that the growth in population in Chesterfield county has had a positive impact, however, it has also made a negative impact on the community. Chester started as a rural area of land with a close-knit community in which everyone knew everybody. As more people came to Chesterfield county due to it’s close distance to Richmond and quality services, it became crowed. When Mrs. Hirsch was growing up, she knew all the residents…show more content…
Since there were not many roads, the state government did not have many roads which needing fixing. According to Mrs. Hirsch, it cost less to fix potholes and create new roads when she was young. Since the population was small, there was no need for more roads to be built, however, as more people came the need to build more roads arose. The current roads in Chesterfield county need to be fixed because some of them have potholes. Also, the Virginia state government needs to build more roads because there are too many cars on the roads. The streets are crowded and the traffic is crazy. Mrs. Hirsch has stated that she “gets stuck in traffic many times because there are not enough roads.” The bad road conditions are becoming worse because the state government is not maintaining them. The Virginia Department of Transportation has not effectively dealt with the roads in Chesterfield county in regards to increasing population. Since more roads have not been built, it is a burden to the residents of Chesterfield county. Mrs. Hirsch thinks the increase of population had negatively affected Chesterfield county roads because there are more people on the roads which cause traffic jams. The population growth has made Chesterfield county become overcrowded which has impacted the residents in many ways. Even though the increase in population did benefit the county, it also took away some of the things Chesterfield county residents loved about the county. Mrs. Hirsch believes that Chesterfield county used to be a better place to live when she was young because it was a close-knit community and had enough roads to the number of people living
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