Chestnut Ski Resort: A Short Story

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The earth had been blanketed in a thick, wet, heavy carpet of snow.It was early January at Chestnut Ski Resort. My Boy Scout Troop and I were on a ski trip and it wasn’t going well for me. My feet were being suffocated by the soft padding of the armor-like ski boots. The sun’s light was hard to escape due to the mirror like qualities of the snow. The trees were whispering like an audience preparing for a show.
Ahead of me I saw blurs of color slowly descending the crystal white slopes. The anticipation inside me was building up like a bomb ready to explode. The hill was a beast, wanting to be defeated. I was as scared like I was at the top of twenty story high rollercoaster about to go down. I slowly shifted my weight forward and began to
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Faster and Faster, I gained speed until it seemed as if pushing with my poles would no longer increase my speed. I was like a bullet shot out of a gun. The ground moved under my feet, at the speed I was going, it felt as though every inch could be my undoing. The once silent air was now roaring in my ear, cheering me on, louder and louder, the faster I went. The air was cold on my face and my eyes started to water, freezing as soon as they formed, making icicles on my face. The first turn was shaped like a question mark, so all the speed I had gathered had to go. I crossed my skis like a pizza, do it the other way and your legs get spread apart and you get a mouthful of snow, and lost the speed. Again I shifted my weight to the right of the skis and tucked my head. Then I steadied out and and my poles moved rapidly again. Faster and faster, the crowd of trees were roaring again.
The straight away I was on was as bumpy as the surface of a golf ball. Time after time it felt as though I had only one of my skis touching the surface of the snow. I was running on ice, stumbling but not falling like a top on an uneven surface. The ground was speaking to me, Swoosh. Shwoosh. Shwoosh.The ground then turned into nice carpet of fresh powder. Whooooosh. The hill slowly decreased its slope and I relaxed knowing that I had defeated the beast that had beaten me every time before. I was so happy I felt nothing in the world

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