Case Study: New Chevrolet Sonic Car

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New Chevrolet Sonic campaign of a fun-smart car will deliver the most positive mood to potential customers as it can. First of all, in our commercial we will show exhausted young adult and students who barely survive a study and working week. The environment around them would be positive, but our main characters cannot notice that because they have spent all their energy in school and at work. The main concern of young people people would be what they are going to do on their Friday night. The have no desire and enthusiasm to search around for a good and exciting place where they could relax and have fun together. In other words, this scene will represent the current young people problem. They have no desire to spend time searching for something.…show more content…
Sonic knows how hard and busy a life of young adults nowadays and student and postgrads are in demand of such a product that will make their life easier, fun and positive. As it was mentioned, potential consumers will know and value only hedonic part of the car, as Sonic is not the best match among its competitors on utilitarian base car like Nissan Micra, Ford Focus, Kia Rio. These cars have greater fuel efficiency, prices, etc, however, Chevrolet Sonic is a meaning of a fun driver. In the commercial itself, the letter “o” in the name Sonic will be modified to a spinning car wheal “o”, a drive “o”. The focus of attention will be an energizer car, that should not have the best speed or mileage performance among the competitors but will be unique because of its interaction and helpfulness. The Sonic positioning will create an image not as a tool that makes a decision for you but helps you as a friend. Young adults are very ambitious and they want to feel that they are in control of the situation. In other words, it is a similar situation with financial advisor and its clients. Advisor helps client to invest their money and decision are made by clients and they are the ones who making the

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