Chevrolet Union Contract

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In this project the team reached an agreement to use the agency contract as a basis of this project. The nature of this contract is a relationship between two parties the first is the principal “Chevrolet” and the second party is the agent “Mansour Group” in case of our project. The principal agrees that the agent would act on his behalf, using some terms and conditions that both parties agree on to sell products. Termination of the contract and the actions that are considered a breach in the contract are also discussed and agreed upon from the beginning by both parties.

Rights and obligations:
According to the principle “Chevrolet”
1- Chevrolet is obliged to act loyally and in good faith with the Mansour group.
2- Under any circumstances
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Mansour group must pursue the approval of exceeding the above cost from Chevrolet.
5- If Mansour group failed to attain the minimum sales target, Chevrolet has the right to end the agreement with regards to the terms of termination.
6- Mansour group is obliged to sell the automobiles according to the list of prices acquired from Chevrolet. If any discounts or deductions are present, Mansour group should do as follows: a- Statements of the discounts or deductions should be received by the customer in a form that is suitable and approved by Chevrolet b- If Mansour group decided to do business with customers or companies, it should be following the terms and conditions of Chevrolet that is updated annually.
7- Chevrolet and the Mansour group would agree upon the stock levels and target service volumes every 6 months to be able to meet the orders and contracts of customers.
8- In reflection of the obligations in this agreement, Mansour group is required to pay commission of 60% of the net price to Chevrolet of the automobiles sold using Chevrolet’s
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And details of the expenses and services should be included.

According to the Agent “Mansour Group”
1- Mansour group should act loyally and in good faith with the Mansour group and follow the commands instructed by Chevrolet to the best interest of selling the product and should not mix up its own interest with its duties to fulfil the obligations required.
2- Promoting the automobiles should be done with the full potential of the company to fulfil Chevrolet’s visions of its product.
3- Mansour group should refer to Chevrolet if it decides to do business using its name
4- In the legal documents, deals and promotions, Mansour group must refer to themselves as an agent
5- The premises, stores and offices and their maintenance that are used to fulfil the obligations of the agreement are done on Mansour group’s own expenses.
6- Adequate number of employees that are picked according to Chevrolet’s qualifications are required to be employed to carry out the duties of the agency.
7- Frequent calls, e-mails, texts to customers promoting the automobiles are
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