Chevron And Shell Case Study

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1.2 Background to the study
The multinational organizations, Chevron and Shell were chosen for this study since they are usually considered to speak to diverse ways to deal with corporate social responsibility, including environmental-friendly production. Shell was the initial oil company to drill and produce oil in Nigeria, and in fact the biggest in this Nigeria. Shell's 70-year operations in Nigeria remains controversial and among host communities and has been on the focus for criticizing in the country and internationally. Interestingly, various researchers consider Chevron as a pace setter among foreign oil companies with regards to corporate social responsibility. Due to previous experiences over a wide span of time encounters with petroleum
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The focus will be;
A. On the policies the companies have boarded on with respect to corporate social responsibilities and look at them: the principles and codes of manners of the companies, contribution to host communities and benefits obtain by the host communities.
B. To evaluate gradual transformations due to the effect of oil production in region, from the time oil was found up to date.

C To give explanation to the nation’s local content Act and the height of compliance of Chevron and Shell adherence to the country’s oil mining laws. D. To give further knowledge and comprehension of connections between foreign oil companies and their host nations. Due to the high rivalry in drilling oil for benefit, international oil companies are confronted with rivalry, they are compelled to keep the expenses of production low so as to amplify benefit often drive oil companies to disrespect the rule of law and sought for a cheaper way out in host communities.

E. To identify or recognize relevant studies on this particular field. Due to this, be able to make comparison and future recommendations to host communities or host
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What sorts of methodologies of corporate social responsibility have Chevron and Shell created with a specific end goal to outline their exercises in Nigeria? How has the activities of Chevron and Shell affected the host communities? Have Chevron and Shell actually practiced and executed corporate social responsibility in all actuality, or they utilize it as a unimportant business system?
B. What are the expectations of the Nigerian Local Content Act for its oil industry? To what degree do Chevron and Shell play along?

To answer these questions stated above; the present academic literature will be a focus , as the will be reviewed and discussed to shade more light to the paper.
1.5 Significance of the study
I have picked the Nigeria as a case for this study since Nigeria is the biggest oil producer in Africa, and host to several international oil companies in the Niger Delta region. Most African states are portrayed by insecurity, poor administration and one of the real causes is the presence and huge power the multinational oil enterprises enjoy in African nations. Thus, study will shade light to the exercises of Shell and Chevron in the growth and development of Nigeria, and review the characteristics if any from different oil
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