Chevy Vs Ford Compare And Contrast

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Ford Motor and Chevrolet, both owned by General Motors Company, are the two biggest brands in the United States. Both Ford and GM are leaders and very big competitors with brands and models that compete all over the US. Ford’s largest brand is simply, Ford, and GM’s biggest brand is Chevrolet. The price is always the main concern when buying a new or used vehicle. The price of used vehicles always depends on the condition of the vehicle and how many miles the vehicle has. Newer vehicles can be pricey, but Ford and Chevy always compete to get business. I guarantee that if you told a Ford dealer how much Chevy quoted you for a similar vehicle that they were selling, they would meet or match the price. Both Ford and GM see the big deal of need in making fuel efficiency better and keeping the best technology in their vehicles to keep their customers. Most countries, including the U.S., have very strict laws on fuel efficiency and emission standards (environmental pollution from cars). Both Ford and GM have reduced the fuel…show more content…
Ford has also made hybrid models of several of their vehicles, like the Escape and Focus. Both Ford and GM have found in their gas-powered cars that through the use of better engine technologies, light materials and reduced overall sizes of their products produce better fuel efficiency. Price, speed, and safety wise, Chevy has some catching up to do. One problem Chevy has is they always follow in Ford’s footsteps, if Chevy was smart they would introduce something new to attract new customers. While the debate goes on between Ford and Chevy, it is really important to state solid facts or else you just sound stupid. Just because grandpa Winkle said that Chevy was the best doesn 't mean that they still are. When it comes down to it, no matter what the experts say, the “best” truck is the one you always climb into day after
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