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Research Overview: Observation: The people that chew gum on a regular basis are more organized in their daily lives. Question: If people were to chew gum on a regular basis, would they be more organized? Hypothesis: If people were to chew gum every day, then they be more organized in their daily lives. Research Method: I did a survey for my study, which is a quantitative reseach method. Research Design: I did a survey to find my results. I asked people if they chewed gum every day and if they were organized. Sociology Articles Article #1: Who are the Biggest Gum Consumers? The first article I read showed the percent of people in age groups that chewed gum, and was defined in age groups (shown…show more content…
I will ask people at this school the 3 questions I listed below. The results will be recorded in the graph I made above. Questions: What grade are you in? Do you chew bubble gum on a daily basis? Would you consider yourself organized? (like if your locker is neat or if your room is always clean) Hypothesis: If more people were to chew gum, they would be more organized in their daily lives. Disclaimer: I questioned over ten of each 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. This doesn't represent all of the middle schoolers in the world. The students used in my final results were chosen at random out of the many I surveyed. Data Analysis: According to my results from my survey above, the people that chewed more gum tended to be more “organized” in their daily lives and the people that didn't, “weren't organized” I surveyed 23 boys and 23 girls, and the results are neatly represented above with percentages and

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