Chewing Gum Experiment

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Does chewing gum really help improve concentration and short term memory? According to many scientific experiments and research that seems to be the case, chewing gum, did in fact improve concentration and short term memory in the test subjects, but why? It couldn 't be some simple coincidence that we could just chalk up to being one of those silly wives tales or just an act of nature that couldn 't be explained. So I decided to do my research and dive into the web, looking at many test and experiments to see what I could find on this topic. Apparently I was not the only one to think this and there had actually been an experiment to test why. according to a study chewing gum actually increases the flow of oxygen to different regions of the brain which are responsible for concentration and short term memory.The extra flow of oxygen to these crucial regions of the brain can help boost alertness and short term memory, causing concentration levels to rise and the brain to absorb more information then it could previously. In nearly all sources and experiments thus far yielded positive results, that chewing gum really did help concentration. Why would this be of any importance? Think about all the children and even adults who suffer from ADHD or even who just have short attention span. Chewing gum could give them the extra boost they need to remember…show more content…
Another majority of the studies concentrated on the ability to concentrate on a voice. listing out words or numbers and documenting how many words or numbers people remembered. In both of these groups of test each yielded positive results, the gum in fact helped the participants ability to concentrate and helped boost their short term memory, allowing the participants to do better than they had previously. The people got more math problems correct or remembered more words then they could before, this proved that gum could really help with
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