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Need an Intelligence Booster? Most schools don’t allow gum in or outside of class. This is, mostly because students miss use it, but there is a possible benefit of chewing gum during study and test time. It helps students concentrate and supports your memorization. Chewing gum will also help you focus on the material being worked on.

The British Journal of Psychology did an experiment about chewing gum helping your memorization. There are two parts of a memory test, initial learning and the test. If people chew gum during learning, this may help them keep their attention on their work. The B.J.P. study required two groups of people each listen to a 30 minute recording that included a sequence of numbers. After listening to the recording they were asked to remember it. Researchers noted that those who chewed gum during the study were
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If people chew gum during the learning, this may help them keep their attention on what is being worked on. Other food gets you distracted by taking your attention on the food. Gum requires only two actions, putting it in your mouth and chewing it. But other food you have to either pick up a spoon or break it into smaller pieces with your fingers or utensils. Previous research shows that chewing gum can improve concentration in visual memory tasks. This study focused on the potential benefits of chewing gum during an auditory-memory task.

Instead of teachers and staff punishing you for chewing gum during school, what if they could allow you to chew gum, or even supply the gum for you! Gum chewing stimulates your brain. And according to research, the people who chewed gum got better test results. If more research comes to prove that chewing gum helps you focus, then schools all over the world should change. Students would get better scores on tests. The benefits of getting higher scores outweighs any bad behavior associated with

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