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The digestion of a bun beings in the mouth where the food is chewed and broken down by the teeth. Chewing is important for many reasons. One reason it is important is because we need to break down our food so that we can swallow it also, we need to get all the juices from our saliva on each and every piece. Chewing causes the release of saliva, which helps liquify food into a bolus that can be easily passed through the esophagus. Through passing the cardiac sphincter, the food enters the stomach. In the stomach, food is thoroughly mixed with a digestive fluid, composed of hydrochloric acid, and other digestive enzymes to further decompose it. The buns protein, plus additionally protein such as cheese is mainly digested in the stomach.…show more content…
When the food is passed into the small intestines it is mixed with three liquid. It includes bile which is a bitter greenish-brown alkaline fluid that aids digestion and is secreted by the liver and stored in the gallbladder. Pancreatic juice which is obviously made by the pancreas and intestinal juice. In addition, they’re also enzymes including maltose, sucrase to process the sugar. In the small intestine is where the food breaks down and passes through the walls containing finger like projection called the villi, so you can get the nutrition from it all. In other words most nutrient absorption takes place in the small intestine. The blood, which has absorbed nutrients, is carried away from the small intestine via the hepatic portal vein and goes to the liver for filtering, removal of toxins, and nutrient processing. After leaving the small intestine it reaches the large intestine, which consists of three parts. In the large intestine some of the food is reabsorbed, while the other foods that cannot go through the villi such as fiber are stored in the large intestine. Fiber helps to keep the food moving through the G.I. tract. The food that cannot be broken down is called feces. Feces is stored in the rectum until it is expelled through the

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