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Cheyenne Tribe The Cheyenne are a very interesting tribe of Native Americans, they have a strong culture. Their culture includes a social organization with a political council and it was very important to the survival of the tribe. The Cheyenne are a friendly tribe they are friends with other Native tribes. They have customs and traditions like sun dances and ceremonies that are important. The thing that might be most important to the tribe is religion and they believe in the Ma’heo’o. The Cheyenne culture has many elements such as social organizations, being friendly to other tribes, customs and traditions and religion, these are what make them the Cheyenne. The social organizations of the Cheyenne are very intelligent. They have forty-four members of the tribe…show more content…
The Cheyenne believed the world was divided into seven major levels. According to the Cheyenne, Ma 'heo 'o was the creator of all physical and spiritual life, including spirit-beings that took both plant and animal form. Their most sacred objects were the four sacred arrows. Ceremonies were conducted by individuals with access to the spiritual world, such as medicine men, priests, and shamans, and symbolizes hope, renewal, and survival, among other aspirations. Key ceremonies included the Animal Dance, Arrow Renewal, and Sun Dance, which even today, remain sacred and private. The religion of the Cheyenne is the heart of the Cheyenne and will always stay with the Cheyenne. The Cheyenne have many elements to their culture that make them unique and the tribe they are today. The social organizations of the Cheyenne is different that other tribes but is very effective. The Cheyenne is a tribe that is friendly to other tribes and believes in working with others. The Cheyenne have many customs and traditions that are unique to them and they will always practice them. The Cheyenne believe in religion and is the center of their

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