Chhihua Unique Species

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The Scorpihuahua is an excellent example of two very unique species, the Chihuahua belonging to the Canis Lupus familiaris and the Scorpion being an Arachnida, which was created through artificial selection experiments which wanted to assess the limits as just how far hybridization can actually occur. Although the Scorpihuahua was difficult to create, as the fitness level of the organism was originally low, the hybrid has truly evolved into an organism that is very much able to defend itself and successfully procreate. The Chihuahua organism, a very small animal, seemed to have trouble defending itself in the harsh conditions in which it must survive, and the Scorpion organism, a venomous walking Arachnidan, was faulted in its inability to protect itself against predators much bigger than its very small self. The hybrid manages to create a much more fit organism that the Scorpion or Chihuahua could ever be alone. The Scorpihuahua has the benefit of being able to move at a faster speed than the original Scorpion organism, and has the benefit of being able to deliver a poisonous sting should it ever need to defend…show more content…
With further research I learned of gamatic isolation and preyzgotic barriers, which is the reason as to why simply put, differing species are just not able to create hybrid organisms of the two. The first barrier to hybrid and chimera creation is preyzgotic barriers, which limit the chances of different species from even coming into contact with one another. Prezygotic barriers can include factors such as differing mating rituals, and differing environments. However, if two species successfully manage to make contact with one another, gamatic isolation is the reason as to why the said egg and sperm cannot successfully combine, therefore making crossbreeding with certain species is simply
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