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Chiara Badano was a young italian girl who tragically died of bone cancer yet still remained faithful to God. Chiara was born in October 29, 1971, and died on October 7, 1990 (age 18). Chiara was born to Ruggero and Maria Teresa Badano in the small village of Sassello, Italy, they waited and prayed eleven years to have her. At age nine, she joined the the Focolare Movement, the group focused on the image of the forsaken Christ as a way to make it through difficult times. Chiara grew up with a strong and healthy relationship with her parents, but she did not always obey them and would occasionally have fights with them. Chiara grew up as a happy and healthy child.

While Chiara was a kind student, she struggled in school and even failed her first year of high school. She was often teased in school for her strong beliefs and was given the nickname "Sister". However she made a lot of good friends, often going out wit them. She also enjoyed the normal teenage activities such as listening to music, dancing, and singing.Chiara also enjoyed tennis, hiking, and swimming. During the summer of 1988, when she was 16 years old, Chiara had a life-changing
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When Chiara realized that she was not going to get better, she started to plan for her funeral with her mother. She chose the music, songs, flowers, and the readings for Mass. She wanted to be buried in her "wedding dress" a white dress with a pink waist, because her death would allow her to become the bride of Christ. During her final hours, Chiara made her final confession and received the Eucharist. Two thousand people attended her funeral; the mayor of Sassello shut down the town so people would be able to attend. Chiara Badano was declared a "Blessed" in the Catholic Church on September 25, 2010 at the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Divine Love in Rome. Thousands of people came for the event. Chiara Badano 's feast day is celebrated on
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