Chic-Fil-A Case Study

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On April 15, 2017 at approximately 1127 hours, I responded to Chic-Fil-A located at 80 Oxford Road in reference to a suspicious person. Upon arrival I observed a black male with no shirt on, carrying a backpack at the neighboring convenience store. I made contact with the subject and his girlfriend who identified themselves by name and D.O.B. as David C. Bishop 01/29/1997 and Jennifer L. Buchanan 03/04/1975. I immediately observed Bishop’s left hand was covered in blood at which time I asked him how he hurt his hand. Bishop stated that he had been arguing with his girlfriend after she nearly drove into another vehicle at which time he became upset at her, so he punched the window seal. I then spoke with victim Brandon Pendle a cashier at Chic-Fil-A who provided me with a sworn written statement. Pendle stated he was serving a customer at the drive thru window, when he noticed “A black male with no shirt walked up to the [window and] started starring funny at me.” According to Pendle he instructed Bishop to leave at which time Bishop grabbed his arm and said “Give me your watch”, several times. Pendle again instructed Bishop to leave, while Bishop continued asking for the watch. Pendle further stated, Bishop suddenly let go of his arm then proceeded to punch him in the face, but missed due to Pendle taking a step…show more content…
Nieves reviewed the security cameras and observed today’s incident as told by Pendle. Based on in the information obtained during the course of the investigation I determined Bishop violated F.S.S. 812.13 robbery, by demanding Pendle give him his watch as he held on to Pendle’s arm with the intent to deprive Pendle of his property. F.S.S. 810.02 burglary by entering the business thru the drive thru window while on foot and remaining inside of an open business after permission was withdrawn by an employee, with the intent to commit an offense therein. F.S.S. 784.03 simple battery by intentionally touching Pendle against his

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