Chicago Blackhawks Case Study Essay

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1. The man who found the Chicago Blackhawks was Frederic McLaughlin in 1926.
A. He bought the Portland Rosebuds for $200,000 and changed the name and moved the team to Chicago, after paying $12,000 to join the league.
B. McLaughlin was unsatisfied of the team after losing for a couple of years, he hired and fired 14 different couches and blamed one of them for cursing the team.
C. In 1934, the Blackhawks won their first Stanley Cup title and following up two years later, winning their second title.
2. During the, “Original Six Era,” there were only six teams that were in the NHL in 1942 and the Blackhawks were one of those six teams.
A. There were more than six teams before 1942 when that era first started but some of those teams dropped
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When did the NHL start broadcasting their games on the radio compared to when they started broadcasting on television and what had more of an impact on the popularity of the sport in the US.
B. How did broadcasting the sport help with the income for the players and the overall money that the NHL received from the networks.
C. How did the Chicago fans help the team’s confidence when they were improving their teams ranks and plays to win the Cup? In other words, how did the fans help inspire the Blackhawks to win the Championship for their hometown?

5. What the teams’ statistics, won/lose, and how they are overall doing so far in the current season and will they win another Stanley Cup victory in the 2017 playoffs.
A. Who are the new players/rookies that they drafted and or traded this year and how are they doing so far with the team and also, who will be the new players that the team is planning on drafting into their ranks for the upcoming playoffs.
B. What players did they trade last season and the seasons before and how that impacted the Blackhawks?
C. Who are the most valuable players in the current season and their statistics so far in the season and also the other players’ statistics and some of their different strengths/weaknesses and how they are contributing to help the
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