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Go cubs go

November, 2, 2016 the Chicago Cubs won the world series. On November, 4, 2016 they held a parade in Chicago. At 8:00 in the morning I woke up to my parents telling me to get ready. I put on my Cubs shirt, ate two eggs and ham, then went straight to the train station. As we went through each stop all you could see was blue and white shirts, hats, and W flags. After a while the conductor turned on his microphone and said that we were skipping the rest of the stops because the train was full. I was delighted because it was getting really noisy in the cart. Then we get to Chicago. We are all both shocked and thrilled by the amount of people walking down the streets. It felt like there was a million people there, but I was wrong. I ended up finding out that 5 million Cubs fans went out to Chicago to celebrate, and it was known to be the largest sports event in United States history. We walked to a a street in front of Millennium Park that was closed out for the parade. That 's when my dad said" Let 's keep going that way", pretending like he knew where he was going. We decided to stop. All I was thinking was how we were ever going to find out where to go to see them the Cubs. and next thing you know my
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I wasn 't that worried because they 're already 17 and 19 years old, but my parents were worried. At that moment everyone took out there phones and stated calling them. But with our luck there was no reception. While we were all calling, my dad said" Everyone stay here and I 'll go look for them". I don 't think that was the best idea, but I 'm not a parent so I wouldn 't know how that felt. I thought to myself well this is easy just look for a really tall person, because my cousin is taller then anyone else in my family. Turns out there are a lot of tall people in Chicago. Then we stated to get more worried considering the fact the there were millions of people there. I decided to try to call my sister again but it went straight to voicemail for the

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