Chicago Fire Narrative

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I jumped up but still was looking at the tv because my favorite episode of Chicago Fire was on. But at the same time looking at the person that just came out of a bottle at the same time. Then I paused my show and first thing I said to him was” how did you get in that bottle.”Charlie said “well if you have to no I was trapped in here by a cat and yes a cat little girl. “ In my head I thought that this was going to be the weirdest day of my life. I said “ what are you and what do you do? Charlie said “I 'm a genie if you couldn 't tell by the clothes. “Aren 't genie post to be nice?” I said. “Are you going to make a wish or not kid.” “Sure I wish to travel back in time.”I said. “Ok then.” Said say so genie. Next thing you know we are in

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