Chicago Grill Analysis

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To talk about the food in Dan Ryan’s Chicago Grill, it is an amazing experience. There are nine of food ate in Dan Ryan’s. They are ‘Appetizer Combo’, ‘Nachos’, ‘Caesar Salad’, Farfelle with Italian Sausage’, ‘Spicy Chicken Fettucine’, ‘Baby Back Ribs’, ‘American Brownie’, ‘N.Y. Cheesecake’ and ‘Molten Chocolate Cake’.

The following section will explain the presentation, taste and quality of the food in detail. First and foremost, there were two appetizers at the beginning of the meal. Regarding to the ‘Appetizer Combo’, it has onion rings, chicken wings and potato skins. What people can see that the presentation of this appetizer is using an old presentation rule. ‘The old rule says that it has to look at the plate as a clock, and set specific types of foods at specific hours.’ It should set carbohydrates at 11 o’clock; vegetables at 2 and proteins or main meal at 6. ( It view of this
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A full slab back rip with French fries and some Cole slaw. The back rip was juicy that can’t forget it. It was sweet and sour, a little spicy with the sauce. And the French fries was seasoned, people does not have to eat with the ketchup. To the Cole slaw, not really palatable and feel a little bit bitter. At last will be the dessert, there are three desserts which is ‘American Brownie’, ‘N.Y. Cheesecake’ and ‘Molten Chocolate Cake’. To the ‘N.Y. Cheesecake’, it has a tangy milk taste, very smooth when enter the mouth. There were some fruits with the cheesecake that is a blueberry, raspberry, grainy kiwi and strawberry. About the ‘American Brownie’ and ‘Molten Chocolate Cake’, it has heavy chocolate taste with both. To compare with these two cake, ‘American Brownie’ have rich chocolate taste with a hot fudge sauce. About the ‘Molten Chocolate Cake’, it places in the center of the plate and perfuse with cacao powder. It tastes very soft with chocolate sauce. As a personal view, brownie is better because of the
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