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There are many cities in the united states of America, all of the cities have a reputation. In this story we will be focusing in Chicago, illinois. This cities reputation is not the best. In the last two months of the year i have been there visiting and this week weird killings have been taking place. There are always murders going on in this city but i 've never seen a killer who will leave the body where it was killed, but what they will do is they will take a certain limb off of the person 's body. I did not really think about it much until i realized i might be next. I am in chicago on a business trip with my friend andrew, we were working with a good size company at the time. There are several offices in the unites states. We are from the office in loveland ohio and are the top two managers there at this job. Now back to when we were at the office in chicago we decided to go out to eat before we went to our hotel to stay that night. When we got there we were going over the news and looking at all the murders the ‘limb taker’ has been committing. We saw a pattern in his killings. He has been killing the top two people in the most wealthy business in chicago in alphabetical order.…show more content…
It was now getting very late and going on midnight. Andrew turned off the lights in our room we hopped into our beds in the dark of room and the light coming from the flickering shots of lightning going through the sky. The rain was hitting the roof so hard i could not even hear myself breathing. I decided to look out the window one more times after i got up to use the restroom, i did not believe the sight i saw with my two eyes. There was no one outside but one man in the alleyway across the street standing in the rain holding an object which looked to be a long knife like object. I woke up andrew as fast as possibly showing him this human figure in the alley. He was in as much shock as i was and then the next thing we know he was gone almost like the figure vanished into thin

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