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The All Stars Project-Chicago SWOT Analysis Through the All Stars Project, over 53, 820 inner-city youth are given opportunities to transform their lives through the power of performance. This nonprofit reaches some of our nation’s most marginalized youth in six different cities: New York, Bridgeport, Chicago, Dallas, and the San Francisco Bay Area. The All Stars Project of Chicago has many strengths, including its direct response to the surrounding community’s need, and its status as a privately funded nonprofit; which overshadow its weaknesses of having a small staff and office space. There are many opportunities for growth including expanding partnerships with Chicago Public Schools and other similar organizations, and eventually expanding …show more content…

The mission of ASPC is unique and needed because it fills the gaps between the private and public sector by acting as a civic and political engagement nonprofit. According to Frumkin, ASPC functions by “mobilizing citizens for politics, advocates for causes, and builds social capital within communities.” Another strength of this organization is that it is 100% privately funded. Even though the ASPC is a fully funded nonprofit, there is still some diversification of their revenue strategy. This diversification of revenue strategies is important to Ott, who states in his article that there are “continual changes in environments associated with major resource provides which translates into specific threats and emerging opportunities for nonprofit funding,” Because of this variability in threats to funding, All Stars depends on both contributed income through private foundations and earned income through tickets for their Talent Show and …show more content…

Its weaknesses include operating with a small staff and office space. Its external threats include losing out on opportunities by not partnering with similar nonprofits, and changing social capital and its relationship with the community it serves. There are many opportunities for growth. The ASPC should expand their staff and office space, explore and partner with other nonprofits through Forefront, and use strategic communication to expand their nonprofit to other cities. The ASPC has brought development and opportunities to over 10,000 young people over the last eight years. Local businesses and communities have partnered with the ASPC wo address the city’s tough issues. The ASPC is a thriving nonprofit that has stayed true to their mission from the beginning; the ASPC is setting the stage for young people to

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