Chicano Manifiesto Analysis

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The article Chicano Manifiesto by Armando B. Rendon is talking about Rendon’s experience living in the United States as a Chicano citizen. He grew up on the West side of San Antonio with his grandmother and mother. Rendon learned Spanish as his first language, but as he started school Rendon had to soon learn English quickly since speaking Spanish was not allowed. At the age of ten, Rendon and his mom moved to the bay area. At the bay area he started to figure out who he was and what route to take on his life. Did he have to adapt to the “gringo” life as he called it or continue being a Hispanic child? As he grew up he decided to speak more English than Spanish and to be considered a “gringo” since he was the only Mexican in the San Francisco school. When Rendon graduated from high school and attended college, he didn’t consider…show more content…
This was his audience because he wanted to explain his experience living in a different world other than his heritage. How things worked out for him and to never be ashamed of your heritage. As I was reading the article Chicano Manifiesto I was able to relate to Rendon. I was able to relate because I too went to a school where no one would speak Spanish and my brother and I where the only Mexicans in the school. I could not figure out my identity either, I was in a culture shock and I decided to try to fit in with the American culture. I learned English in a month for I would not feel stupid and not being able to communicate. It was hard but being a Chicano is something to be proud of. This article seemed logical because I went through that. Most of the stuff he did, I did because I thought that the only way to become successful was to just fit in the American culture. I do not know what life brings me later on after I graduate, but I figured out in my junior year in high school that our people, the Hispanics, will always have our back no matter what and they will help
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