Chicanos: A Synthesis Essay

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In this essay, I will argue how the Chicanos in the U.S. have responded to the lack of inclusion in history, opportunities, to racism and violence because through time we have seen how the Chicanos have been part of the country history and what it came to be, but we have been left out of history. The Chicano helped build what the united states came to be, we are part of its culture since the treaty of Guadalupe was signed, but our path has not been easy, many have been victims of oppression, poor working conditions, lack of civil rights and segregation. I’ll argue not that the Chicano has been a victim but what he or she have done to change the way things were for our ancestors in this obscure past of our history, how we have come together…show more content…
Emma Tenayuca was a Mexican-American Activist born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, who played an important role in the organization of labor strikes and union in the area of San Antonio during the 1930’s. Emma developed an understanding of the injustices of the Hispanic working class at an early age, as she was raised by her grandparents who took her to the plaza. While a student at Brackenridge High School in Depression-era San Antonio, she joined a group that read the works of Karl Marx and Leo Tolstoy and discussed the vulnerabilities of the free-enterprise system. Her first example of her taking part in the fight for labor justice was at the Finck cigar, in which she went to jail for joining the picket line and disrupting peace, according to the book Major problems in Mexican American History, it says “ I landed in jail and realized how difficult it would be to make this a union town”( Emma Tenayuca Reminisces about labor organizing in San Antonio Texas 1936-1938, #282). Emma although being thrown into jail, she kept fighting for what she believed in and continued to pursue her goals which were a fairer work environment for the Hispanic people. Emma not only accomplished her goals through organizing people and creating labor unions, but she left a legacy in the area of San Antonio and to many Mexican
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