Chick-Fil-A Case

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Chick Fil-A’s position on same sex marriage rose controversial debates in many conferences across the United States. This issue came to the public domain after Media reported that the organization was co-sponsoring one of the marriage conferences along with the PFI (Pennsylvania Family Institute) in January 2011. Initially, PFI had filed a petition against striking down the Proposition 8 in California, which was highly used in the case of Perry v. Brown. PFI petitioned against the states focus on banning discrimination by gender and sexual orientation (Bell, 2013). In response on the matter on Chick-Fil-A Facebook page, the company representative stated that support of PFI was done by a local franchise stating that the organization was not…show more content…
There was a lot of discrimination in the sense that once they noted one was gay. They hunted for small issues that will lead to the dismissal of the employee from the company. The greatest concern was a case where the recruitment exercise was done with a close focus on whether the shortlisted individual was gay. In fact, it was insulting that the interviewers could even ask a candidate directly whether or not is married and the nature of the marriage (Xu, Lu, & Gu, 2014). On the occasion that one was found a gay or a lesbian, the interviewers would find ways to neutralize the individual not to be…show more content…
In line with this theory, the surrounding units include employees, the public, shareholders, corporate partners, the government and the general public. The theory demonstrates that each of these stakeholders have a role in the success of an organization. An organization that needs to maintain and take care of its clients should first focus on taking care of its employees. As Morgeson, Mitchell, and Dong (2015) allude, employees will always take care of the organization 's clients if they are taken care of. In essence, when an organization works with satisfied employees, the employees will try as much as possible to ensure they have a sustainable job through working for the benefit of the organization’s sustainability. One of the major ways is maintaining and increasing customer base. Practically, employees are always in touch with organizational customers. Their behavior towards the customers will determine whether the customers will return for the same services or
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