Chick-Fil-A. T. Cathy's Eat More Chicken

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Truett Cathy the founder of the family own business and he had a great impact on the business while he was alive. His family owned one of the most profound and well known fast food chicken stores in the world, Chick-fil-A. T. Cathy would have to be one of the most interesting business managers that I have ever done an autobiography on. The reason being is because of the book “Eat More Chicken “and because of the research I have done on him. T. Cathy was born on March 14, 1921 in Eatonton, Georgia. He is no longer alive but while he was alive he had a huge impact on the chick-fil-a business life. T. Cathy started off slow by owning a dinner named Dwarf Grill with his brother in 1946. This was his first business that would spark the other opportunities in the future. T. Cathy became a big shot throughout the years and thought to open his own restaurant in Atlanta and guess what the name was, yup that right Chick-fil-A. You probably think oh this is why I think he is one of the most interesting business managers ever but it’s not. This is just some of it what really got me was when he dedicated his life to make a difference in the lives of the youth in his time. Usually managers of fast food restaurants do not really dedicated there…show more content…
The company that he has made has now become known everywhere because of his skills as business man and an entrepreneur. The book that Treutt Cathy wrote, well the book that I read gave magnificent info on how he started and what he went through while improving the company. His story seemed very different but inspiring in a way for me to push myself to get what it is I want in life and that’s probably how other people felt once they have read this book. Truett Cathy inspired others and became known for his chicken restaurants around the world and his way with people he is remembered as one of many great business starters in the
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