Chickasaw Tribe Research Paper

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October 1, 1734 marks the date that Chickasaw tribe was attacked. This battle lead to the answer of how the paint horses got there markings. It all started when the Chickasaw tribe invaded the camps of the Cherokee Indians, and abducted the wife 's and kids of the Cherokees. The Chickasaw men were envious of the Cherokee men for their ability, to create strong families; considering, the Chickasaw men were unable to marry, due to a curse set upon them by the artisans in 400 BC. If the Chickasaw men wanted to break this curse they were to abduct the families in plain sight from the Cherokee men.
On the calm set day of November 1,1730, everything for the Cherokee tribe seemed ordinary and the least bit unusual. The men were hunting, fishing, and preparing for the cold winter that was soon to creep upon them, while the women were back at the huts cleaning, knitting blankets, and sewing buffalo Hyde to cover the floors, trying there best to create anything to protect the families from the cold, the children
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They would pack up their villages and move from location to location. They would travel and travel trying to enhance there plan daily, trying to be sneaky enough to gain their families back. Attack day finally came, and the Cherokee invaded only to succeed and capture their families. The enraged Chickasaw tribe realized the fascination they grew with the wife 's and children only enlarged tremendously in the four year period. The reaction they had was to attack back. This day became the birth of the most bloodiest battle in Native American history, at that point. The two tribes both rode the same kind of horses, horses that are known today as paint horses. These horses are called paints because of the markings they hold, these spots are said to be caused by the blood dripping from the Indians in this battle. Each spot representing something different bravery,strength, wisdom, courage, love, and
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