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CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION 1.1 RESEARCH BACKGROUND This research is about the extraction of keratin protein from chicken feathers using strong fluid extraction process. This extraction procedure utilized a dissolvable as lessening specialists to separate salt linkages, disulphide bond and hydrogen bond of the keratin fiber to break down into protein. Thus, it will likewise diminish the steadiness of keratin strands in the strong structure found in feathers. Proteins are polymer formed by one or more long chains of amino acid residues that are capable of promoting intra- and inter-molecular bonds so that it allows the resultant materials to have a large variation in their functional properties. Amino acids linked together by peptide bonds, form a polypeptide chain. Polypeptides are made of amino acids arranged in a linear chain and folded into a globular form. There are two…show more content…
Mathematical modeling of keratin extraction processes is important in order to reduce energy, time, and chemical reagents consumption in the extraction process. Therefore, the extraction kinetics of keratin from chicken feather is essential for reactor design and process optimization. To the authors’ best knowledge, despite many studies reported on the possibility of various raw materials as potential sources for protein keratin, a suitable kinetic model for keratin extraction is not available in the literature yet. 1.3 OBJECTIVES 1. To optimize the extraction process of keratin protein from chicken feather using one-factor-at-a-time method. 2. To identify the best isothermal / empirical kinetic model to represent the extraction kinetics of keratin protein from chicken feather. 3. To determine the thermodynamic parameters, including change of free energy (ΔG), enthalpy (ΔH) and entropy (ΔS) during the extraction process. 1.3 SCOPE OF

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