Chicken Little Character Analysis

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The movie, “Chicken Little” took place in a small town called Oakey Oaks. The main characters in “Chicken Little” are Chicken Little, his dad, named Buck Cluck, Abby (ugly duckling), Master Runt Of The Litter, (the pig), Fish Out Of Water, and the little orange alien. In the beginning of the movie, Chicken Little decides to ring the emergency bell, and scares the whole town. He told the whole town that the sky was falling, because he seen a hexagon shape that came from the sky. No one believed him, and he had embarrassed his father and was disappointed in Chicken Little. Chicken Little tries everything to make his dad not be embarrassed of him anymore. So, Chicken Little tries baseball. Since Chicken Little is small and short, it didn’t really work out for him, but he won the game for his team. Once he got home, he realizes that the same hexagon shape from the sky came into his room. Not knowing what to do, he called his friends. Abby, the ugly duckling, tells Chicken Little to talk to his dad but doesn’t want to because he is afraid that his father would be disappointed in him again. The actor who plays Chicken Little, is Zach Braff. I think he did a good job because since Chicken Little is the most important character in the movie. Also, since Chicken Little is a kid, Braff does a good job of sounding like that. Who I also think did a good job is Dan Molina. I think he did a good job because since he is the one that plays Fish Out Of Water and since Fish Out Of Water
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