Chicken Little: Similarities Between A Movie And A Fairy Tale

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This essay is the outcome of multiple researches. Which is based on the comparison and contrast of a Disney movie and its fairy tale. This will be an advantage for knowing the difference between a movie and a fairy tale, especially when the movie is derived from that fairy tale. The movie, Chicken Little, is based on the popular fairy tale Henny Penny. The fairy tale is about a chicken that believes the world is coming to an end, since the sky is falling, later he is eaten by wolves in the woods. But the movie, which is an adaptation of the tale, with a different fate. Chicken Little, saves the town from the aliens and is seen, later on, as a hero. Evidently, the movie is a redesign of the Danish fairy tale Henny Penny. It can be noticed that the movie is in the United States, which leads to the characters being dressed up with t-shirts and shorts. On the other hand, the fairy tale occurs on Denmark in the 19th century, and during that time women's wardrobe was with long dresses…show more content…
Some people agree that it is based on Denmark in the 19th century. Another group suggests that the story was written in 1823; while, others argue that is related to the bombing in Copenhagen, Denmark on 1807, making the phrase "the sky is falling!” have relationship with the events that occurred there. On this aspect, the movie has another inaccuracy—this time, historical. In order to be funny and attractive, the writers of the movie gave it a totally different ending. In conclusion, the fairy tale Henny Penny and the movie Chicken Little, have a lot of differences and similarities throughout the plot, setting, character ethnicity and garments. The similarities are so significant that it leads to prove that the movie is based on the fairy tale. The major difference is the ending, which was made different in order to make the movie more adequate to the public, which consists mainly of
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