Chicken Rice Shop Case Study

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The term marketing is actually a broad business function that includes the product and also the development, distribution process and pricing as well as the communication or promotion. Marketing strategy is the fundamental goal of increasing sales and achieving sustainable of competitive advantage. It contributes to the goals of the company and its marketing objectives. The communication mix refers to specific methods that used to promote the company or its product to targeted customers. There are five element in the communication mix which known as advertising, sales promotion, direct marketing, personal selling and also public relation. The advertising includes all messages a business pays to deliver through a medium to reach a targeted audience.…show more content…
The advantage is effective advertising cost high prices. This increase sale will require more products. The larger scale production brings down the costs of goods per unit due to economies in various sectors which reduces the consumes selling prices. Besides that, advertising can be misuse. Some beautiful switch lights hoarding, posters and moving picture are fixed generally in front of some important road for places which have been harmed by the misuse of advertising. The second element is on sales promotion. Sales promotions actually involve offering a discount price to a buyer. This may include coupons, percent-off deals and also rebates. The main goal of this communication tool include increasing revenue and cash flow, attracting new customers and also clearing out extra inventory. The Chicken Rice Shop has a lot of promotion for their customers. The advantage of giving out sales promotion is, this type of marketing communication is highly effective at changing consumer response at the time of purchase. Marketers often use this type of communication in the maturity stage of the product life cycle to encourage reward interest and to remind consumers of the product. While the disadvantage it increase the…show more content…
It is known as interactive communication with customers where the company’s message seeks a response from targeted customers. E-mail and direct mail are common formats. These messages are sent to customers due to limited-time deals, new product launch or special offers being promoted. Online or print surveys and infomercials are other examples of direct marketing communication. The chicken rice shop has come out with brochure to promote their offers and also new products. The advantage is the information will prepare quickly. Directs selling creates the relationship with the customers. Like sales promotion and direct marketing affects the consumer at the point of purchase. The disadvantage is limited reach. While having a finite defined group of target customers acts an advantage in many ways by focusing marketing efforts, this can also be a restrictive factor in so much as the marketers reach stays limited. The reach of direct marketing can never touch the reach of mass marketing

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