Chicken Run: Character Analysis: Chicken Run

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Introduction To be good leader in a way, you need to know how to influence, motivate and let other to contribute towards to the road of success which they are the members in the organisations. There are a lot of elements of leadership which lead the leader to be a good leader. The most common element is motivate others and keep on stimulate the desire and energy into people to continually interest and committed to attain a goal. Different element created different types of leadership which is useful on different environment. One of the leadership style that is very common in Asian country, the “power distance”. They used a hard way to manage the member to obey them. Summary of Chicken Run Chicken Run this movie is talking about the chickens are trying to escape from the Tweedys farm. In the farm, there is a chicken which is the leader among the chicken coop named Ginger. She attempted numerous to escapes but failed many times. She always captured by the farmer and his dogs, and thrown into a coal bin for solitary confinement and will be released by the next day. After a week, the farmer found out that a chicken had not laid eggs for the whole week. So the chicken who didn’t lay egg will be murdered and cooked for the farmer’s dinner. After this happened, Ginger despair to find a way to escape but still show expect in…show more content…
Rocky need some material to make a better training to gain them to fly. So he deserve to finds the rocky helps him get the material. Different is that he make a promise that will give the rats eggs to get the materials. Ginger was beside and angry that rocky no intended to pay for it just liar to the rats. But at the point view of Ginger, she angry because of Rocky also liar to people and make deal but don’t mind for it. She are the wants who never do thing like Rocky as what I see in this movie. She has a good ethical on her

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