Chicken So Up Effect Analysis

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Religion in a Secular campus. In “Chicken Soup Effect”; by Gibbison,Henry,& Perkins-Brown (2001), the article talked about how recreational activities contribute the everyday life of a student, especially in their studies/educational life. In order to know more about how spiritual recreation effects on school performance, I interviewed Jimmy Flores, a second year NPB Pre-Med major that practice the Christian denomination of Catholicism who is also one of the most hard working person I’ve ever met in college. For him, practicing spiritual activities isn’t just about going to church and pay, but also reading and studying the bible, going to communion activities and also having special diet which called lent that limit their craving and bodily desires. Since Jimmy Flores is…show more content…
According to him, praying and committing spiritual acts bring him one with god and thus improve not just his studies, but also his life quality. Moreover, Jimmy stated that Catholicism helped him to be friendly and open toward others and thus he got to know a lot more person by going to church than he could have if he wasn’t a Christian. I also asked Jimmy if he ever missed a sunday mass, he told me that he missed dozens since he got to Davis. “Sometime I do have time to go to church but if I don’t, I will have time to study. I did missed dozens. Some time I even got distracted and forgot to go to church, but I always try to make it up. But in my opinion, it’s not just praying, there are many way of worshiping god, hard work, studying is also a way to give respect to him. In the end, Jimmy believed that he did balanced himself between his Religious activities and his studies in a way that is healthy for him. It is clear for him that it played a great role in his life as it did contribute to his study at least on a psychological
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