Chicxulub Short Story Analysis

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Chicxulub, a short story by T. Coraghessan Boyle, is about a couple’s journey through the “death” of their seventeen year old daughter. The main character and father of the teenage girl in the car accident relates his knowledge of meteors and asteroids to describe his and his wife’s adventure through their own home and hospital. He also relates the death of “his daughter” to the end of the world. This is why I think the author’s intended theme for Chicxulub is that “losing someone you love is worse than death itself”. Towards the beginning of the story the couple first receive a phone call giving little information concerning the fate of their daughter except that she has been struck by a car. The husband then goes on to describe the sheer panic and terror that occurs “The next ten seconds are thunderous cataclysmic, my wife standing…show more content…
While this may be true in some cases the doctors never attempted to lie and the couple had no other choice but to believe that everything that they were being told was true about the fate of their daughter. Another hole in this theory is that it doesn’t explain the role of Chicxulub itself throughout the entire…show more content…
I think that the theme with the most compelling evidence pointing towards is the idea that “losing someone you love is worse than death itself” because it explains the role of Chicxulub in the story, explains why the husband became incredibly hostile towards the doctor and nurses, and has the ending and most parts of the story supporting

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