Chief Bromden Figurative Language Essay

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Throughout this excerpt, the use of imagery is vital to the evolution of Chief Bromden. Chief wakes up with the sudden urge to do something. As he walks around, he feels the cold tiles against his feet, and he realizes how many times he had walked on the tiles before, but had never felt it at all. “I walked down the windows to one where the shade popped softly in and out with the breeze, and I pressed my head against the mesh.” In this paragraph the imagery of the smells and Chief presses his head against the mesh, appeals to the senses of smell and touch. This sets up chief realizing that his eyes are closed. This gives the reader a sign of awakening. Chief looks out the window for the first time and notices that the hospital is in the country. “It …show more content…

The diction in this passage provides emphasizes to the fact that Chief is making progress growing as a person. Chief spent many years not realizing what he was doing. “I can smell that sour-molasses smell of silage, changing the air like a bell…” The diction in this quote is agreeing with the process of change; as the times change and the season turns to fall, Chief’s fogginess of the mind is clearing up. That is why the diction is so eminent. It invigorates the fact that he is no longer in a state of mind in which he doesn’t know what he is doing. The change of seasons can also be viewed as a metaphor illuminating Chief’s drastic change in character. “Fall. Right outside here it was spring a while back, then it was summer, and now it’s fall-that’s a curious idea.” This sudden epiphany of the change of season is an indication that Chief is now clear in the mind. Chief had spent a long time going through the motions and never realizing what was going on. Kesey’s use of diction and figurative language in a tandem, fortifies Chief’s process of

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