Chief Joseph's Letter To My Father Case Study

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“I said in my heart that, rather than have war, I would give up my country. I would give up my father’s grave. I would give up everything rather than have the blood of the white men upon the hands of my people” (Chief Joseph, 1879 Speech to Congress, Line 78-80, P55). In this case, Chief Joseph had several big decisions to make at the time. After his father’s passing his biggest words to him was that he better not backs down and let the white man take the land with our ancestors. At this time, he also had to think about the bloodshed of his people, along with if he wanted to give into the fighting for the land. The fact that he wanted to keep his people’s hands blood free is a huge deal. Many of the Indians had a reputation proceeding them that they killed white people. Chief Joseph didn’t want that, he wanted mutual respect, even if that meant giving up his land. In the business world this quote reflects many aspects that will come along with owning and being a part of the business world today. For instance, if you own a company you have to be thinking about what is best for the employees, you don’t want to make a decision that would lose many workers. Also for business as a boss you have to the about what will be the most effective choice to…show more content…
The Gospel of Wealth. Line 55-60 P.209). Carnegie’s main idea was that you don’t give out handouts, you give them a way to bring themselves out of the bottom. That is a huge thing because he saw himself as an example of someone who brought themselves out of a poor situation. So for him this was a way of giving money back to the community and he was a very charitable man. That for him has limitations he wouldn’t just give money to the poor or a bagger. He wanted to give it to someone who would use it to make improvements in their
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