Chief Mcmullen's Leadership Qualities

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Chief Petty Officer McMullen meets all requirements outlined in OPNAVINST 1420.1B, NAVADMIN XXX/XX, and the physical fitness standards of OPNAVINST 6110.1J.

*** MY #1 ABSOLUTE STRONGEST recommendation for immediate selection as an SHIP’s Clerk Chief Warrant Officer (741X). Chief McMullen’s sustained superior performance throughout her 17 years of naval service in the most challenging billets has been truly inspirational. Her leadership and motivational abilities have been nothing short of outstanding leading my commands N1 department. She is a true leader who will cultivate and develop well trained Sailors and provide the special trust that every Commanding Officer will cherish. BLUF… If you want a Naval Officer that will quickly produce
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While serving as a YN3, she was ranked #1 at VFA 125 for her outstanding managerial expertise as the Alternate Agency Program Coordinator, TAD and Safety Clerk. She prepared and processed over 300 travel orders and provided government credit card support exceeding 500 personnel. Her attention to detail was instrumental for pilot qualifications were documented properly during 13 phases of instruction and qualification. As FLAG Yeoman at COMUSNAVCENT, she developed and led front office correspondence Standard Operating Procedures, processed over 1500 naval messages and 1250 flag correspondence documents flawlessly. Subsequently, she was ranked #3 E5s across the UIC. As a YN1, she did specifically what further qualifies her selection as a CWO, she led as the Recruiter in Charge at Navy Region South, Hollywood. Through her leadership, she implemented an effective training program resulting in zone personnel earning Recruiter, Zone Supervisor and Recruiters in Charge for eight Sailors. YNC McMullen spearheaded the Admin Department as Department head while at Naval Beach Unit SEVEN, producing a 95% retention rate, 76% advancement in-rate and 55% enrollment in off-duty education. Undoubtedly, YNC can and will lead in each and every facet and SEA tour.

The diversity of YNC’s career knows no barriers, from conducting 3-M Spot Checks to being hand selected

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