Chief Petty Officer Academy Essay

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The Chief Petty Officer Academy (CPOA) course introduced me to numerous tools and effective managerial, and leadership skills. I will apply tools and concepts that acquired from Academy to nurture an effective work environment at the Centralized Service Desk (CSD). Academy created a positive impression on me and I have seen a tremendous growth in my leadership style. I should be able to achieve an effective work environment by utilizing my experience from Academy such as stress management, Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and a bigger picture of being Chief in the Coast Guard. In the stress management class we performed a stress map. The evaluation revealed that I was at the burnt out stage in a few categories. I do realize how much stress can cause wear and tear on your body.
Furthermore, being at a high level or burnt out stage can have a
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Other benefits of MBTI assessment are team building, organizational development, problem solving and Coaching (Myers 1). I should be able to utilize MBTI benefits to create a positive work environment at the CSD. Another unique experience at the Academy was being with 72 other Chiefs. It provides me with a better understanding of a bigger picture of what are the roles and responsibilities of a Chief in the Coast Guard.
Furthermore, I was able to relate and appreciate Chiefs in all ratings of the Coast Guard. I learned that all Chiefs, regardless of rate, face the same challenges as I have been experiencing as an IT. I have expanded my Chief network and grasp better understanding of the Chief mess. Chiefs in the Coast Guard play an important role in aligning unit vision and guiding principles towards shared Coast Guard’s Vision and Mission. It was a humble experience to see Navy Chiefs and Air Force Master Sergeants. I was able to gain a different prospective from other branches of the military and how they
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