Chief Pontiac Biography

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Chief Pontiac was an Indian chief from Ottawa that became known through history. He fought thoroughly to protect his land and his people from his opponents. He was an honorable fighter and chief. Chief Pontiac was known for beginning his own rebellion and going to war against the British, proclaiming that they were “Dogs covered in red that came to rob him and his people”. Pontiac played a huge role in the signing of the settlement of Paris. He lived in the Maumee or Detroit River Valleys, Historians are not really sure but have written it down, he was born in the year of 1720, his parents were Indians from Miami but he decided to turn towards the Indian from Ottawa lifestyle. In 1740, He became the Indians war leader and united with New France…show more content…
The Indians looked upon the French Missionaries as their brothers. They had always been treated fairly by them. The missionaries, Coureurs de bois, traders and settlers had gained their trust. The traders and coureurs de bois had in many occasions married Indian wives. Then again, the Indians had fought alongside with the French in important battles against the British. Pontiac led the ottawas at the period of Braddock’s defeat as mentioned above earlier, he won the trust of Montcalm and taken pride in gifts received from that brave leader. At the Fort, the Indians had been given presents, so generously that gifts to the Indians had for years manifested a substantial tax on the income of New France. It was the other way around when the English toke over the forts. While were in control of half of the continent, British missionaries had vied with French missionaries in giving presents on to the Indians to win them to their side or to retain them at least impartial; but when the French were defeated, the Indians were no longer needed, it was concluded that they were no longer going to be regarded. The gifts stopped; at the agreements and Forts the Indians met with insult and had been subjected to bad…show more content…
While Pontiac’s war was to be solely an indigenous people war, behind the indigenous was a stealthy force stimulating them to battle. Pontiac and his followers were in a large measure substance in the hands of French Missionaries and traders mostly those of the Mississippi. The dealers from the British colonies were many ways guilty of homicide and bulgary; they corrupted the Indians with rum and with few exceptions cheated and made them pay more than they should have. The loss of lives and the demolition of properties down the border during 1763-1764 were mainly in the nature of discernment for wrongdoings committed against the
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