Chief Tecumseh: The Mistreatment Of Native Americans

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While it may seem that Americans neglected Native Americans it might not be important now throughout the world, but society does not realize the conflicts that it has caused. Although, the Cherokee tribe did not get treated equal, and were forced out of there land, and perhaps most of their people got killed during the trail of tears. For Instance, Chief Tecumseh states, “When such great acts of injustice have been committed by them upon our race, of which they seem to have no manner of regard or even to reflect”. The Cherokee tribe was getting criticized, but it did not stop them from celebrating their culture and religion. It was not right that the Cherokee tribe was criticized most of the time because they had about 3,000 of their people…show more content…
The Indians such as the Cherokee tribe bring good morals that are celebrated today, even though some are seen as a threat to the community or the United States because Native Americans are considered to be known as “savages”. As in the source entitled Hermans natives by Jim Unger “The implication is that Indians were savage headhunters. In reality, the Taino Indians who met Columbus were friendly and guileless—so much so that Columbus likened them to children”. Which connects when chief seattle states, “There is no quiet place in the whites man 's cities”. Both of the claims justify the way how not only the Cherokee got mistreated and betrayed, but other tribes as well. Also the white Americans caused controversy by making the situation worse in America today for Indians. Now the Cherokee tribe not being treated equally, it has affected Indians in today 's world. A conflict that has been affecting the Indians due to their low employment opportunities that tend to be limited for them because of their past history. Cherokees, low unemployment figures are high and increasing overtime. Low-income Indians living in rural areas often lack dependable

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