Chief Walton Eager Case Study

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Chief Walton Eager is responsible for 36 police officers in the Rixton police department. The chief is responsible for the safety and wellbeing of the 16,000 residences in the city of Rixton. The chief has little or no administrative ability, and instead of addressing the department’s problems on the spot he created alternative policies with sticky notes and place them on the bulletin board which no one looks at because the bulletin board is covered with three-year-old documents. The Rixton Police Department did not follow any of the six basic organizational principles. Because Chief Eagar did not have proper administrative skill, so under the authority principle there was no delegating of any responsibilities through the chief of police. There was not any…show more content…
Although, the Rixton Police Department has poor leadership the majority of the officer in the police department are excellent police officers and perform their duties professionally. There are two separate groups are referred to as cliques. There is a minority of six that is always causing problems and have their way of doing things in the police department. These six minority officers view the current police rules as military-style policing. These members of the minority cliques make it apparent that they do not care about the community, one talks about collecting guns and cracking people over the head without knowing what kind of call the officers are answering. The other would like the police department to be like the military, even the military style haircuts. The second group is the dominant police culture which dictates unestablished rules and regulations in the police department which consist of the democratic process. This does not sit well with the six minority groups, so they are in constant conflict with one another. This occurs because there is no chain of command to control the department and fix

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