Chiho Aoshima Essay

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You’re walking through an underground pass, and you notice something strange. You happen to be near Gloucester, UK, and you see a large mural while walking around with your coffee in your hand. It happens to be a work of Chiho Aoshima, a rising artist of the Japanese Contemporary movement. You stand a few minutes, letting the busy crowd wash over you like busy fish over a stationary pebble in a stream. Your coffee is cold now, but you feel warmed by the vibrant colors of the mural. You take one last glance, and you walk away.
Born in 1974, Chiho Aoshima was destined to be a great pop artist in Japan, a part of the Contemporary Japanese movement (which is characterized from the breaking away of traditional art and opening up to Western ideas
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Having lived in Tokyo, she was subject to the fast and colorful lifestyle about her. She started at Takashi Murakami’s factory with no prior training in art. She is now a part of Takashi Murakami’s Kaiki Kiki collective, founded by the man himself.
Chiho Aoshima is known as a digital artist, her career having started with her mastery of Adobe Illustrator. She utilizes videos, animations, and recordings at her art exhibitions for a more lasting and impacting impression. She would digitally draw her art and then print
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Takashi Murakami is believed to be the founder of this art movement. She follows this movement very well, and her color choices help her as well. Her color palette is bright, but has earthy tones as well, indicative of Japanese Contemporary art. Her paintings are usually landscapes that have an overall smooth-looking texture. Her artwork flows together, and is cohesive. Contrast is found in some pieces, though most of her artwork follows a color system that consists of many shades of many colors, with a few pops of “surprising” colors. Briefly, her choices in color and texture create a balanced landscape art
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