Child Abuse: A Serious Problem In The US

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I understand how a parent might hit a child, it's because you can look into their eyes and see a reflection of yourself that you wish you hadn't” (“Goodreads”). When a child is abused, it leaves a serious impact on their life, makes them feel worthless, unwanted, stupid, and many different feelings. When someone… at least one person loves them, would care for them, would make them feel wanted and they will remember it for the rest of their lives, and it will even affect them later in their life. Child Abuse is a serious problem in the U.S. and there are many different way to prevent this problem, so let's take a stand and solve this dilemma for good!
Child abuse is more than just hurtful words, more than just being hit, it’s something that …show more content…

After one hit, one bruise, one word left unspoken, comes to be multiple scenarios it can lead to. It can lead to doubts and insecurities. We all believe that our parents love us very much, but when fights and arguments happen, things are left unsaid and different things occur. The children who are abused will often become runaways, or they become teenage delinquents. In order to support themselves living on their own, they often turn to prostitution. In fact, most child prostitutes have been abused as a child (“Child Abuse Information). The emotional trauma that the kids go through often leads them to self harm, or even suicide. Many children have lost their lives because of the abuse that they have had to go through. Abuse can be words that can hurt emotionally, and makes children feel like they don’t matter, but they can also leave scars and bruises on their body that they will never …show more content…

They have hard times trusting other people, and have hard times socializing because of the low self-esteem that have resulted from the abuse. Most of violent criminals have been victims of either sexual or physical abuse (“Child Abuse Information”). This is because they have repressed emotions about what happened to them, but never got help for themselves because they were too afraid that they would either be hurt further, or that they would be left alone or ignored. Most kids that do drugs and self harm have been abused in some way, and they do this because they feel like they don’t matter (“What are the effects of child abuse”). They are also more likely to be more violent, and become young offenders. Yes, many children become awful people because of the abuse they go through, but they are ways to get them help so that they can still become good

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