Abusive Relationships In High School

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Introduction The following report will be investigating abusive relationships in high school. throughout this report one will find what characteristics make a highschool girl more likely to be in an abusive relationship. The age group that was studied is ages 13-18 females. This report is important because abuse happens everyday, everyone has experienced some sort of abuse or know someone who has, to bring awareness to the problem and teach people to know the signs of abuse. Limitations A survey was conducted to confirm the following information. The survey has given to twelve to thirteen girls in grades nine, ten, eleven, and 12 totaling 50 highschool girls. The limitations of this survey include the following: untruthful answers, Grade…show more content…
According to the film Miss Representation women only direct seven percent and write thirteen percent of the top two hundred and fifty films and only make up three percent of the five-hundred CEOs in the filmmaking business. There are many men who see women as sex objects that are catty and manipulative. Men make up ninety-seven percent of CEOs in the filmmaking business that is probably the reason why women shown like sex objects in movies. Second, is the way society objectifies women. The word objectifies is defined as “to degrade to the status of a mere object” says Wikipedia and that is exactly what society has done to women. When looking at advertisements of products even made by women one will see young models that are underweight wearing little to no clothing trying to sell something like makeup. Women make up 85 percent of televised consumer purchasing power. Women of all ages see these advertisements of the underweight, tall, barely clothed women. Females see that as beauty making them thinks that the makeup will make them just as “beautiful’ as the women in the ad. The effect of this problem is millions of anorexic women thinking they need pound of make up trying to live up to the expectation of today's societies. Third is the loss of power among women in today's society. According to unwomne.org in America there are…show more content…
First eating disorders are becoming more and more frequent as social media is being used more. Mirasol.com states, women between nineteen and thirty-two that use the top eleven social media sites have a 2.2 percent greater chance of having an eating disorder. The cause of this is young girls seeing ads, TV shows, and being on social media. The idea of a perfect body has changed drastically. From the perfect body going from Marilyn Monroe who had curves to models now size zero bodies that are clearly unrealistic for almost all women today. The effect of this is 10 million women struggling with anorexia. Thirteen million women binge eating, and females ages fifteen to twenty-four are twelve times more likely to die from an eating disorder than all other causes of death. Second, abuse of drugs and alcohol. Statistics Canada states seventy-three percent of teens girls who drink say that do it to take their mind off “the real world”. When young girls and women use alcohol and drugs they are more likely to be taken advantage of. The date rape drug is a great example of young women getting used by men. The date rape drug comes in many different forms, the most common being a small pill. When dropping a pill in a person’s drink they become unconscious. This allows men to pretty much do whatever they

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