Child Abuse Case Analysis

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When deciding what program would best suit my past experiences and future goals, I put a great deal of thought into what has brought me to where I am today. While I have had several defining moments in my career and life, it is fair to say that my exposure to the criminal justice system while at the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office has shaped the way I think today. Most of my time with the office was spent in the Child Protection Unit working as a paralegal on child abuse cases, as well as reviewing the “preventable” deaths of any child under the age of 18 in Middlesex County. Additionally, I had opportunities to assist on many homicide investigations and trials.
Despite the fact these cases could be very hard to digest, I am thankful
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The defendant was a trusted family friend, and believed to be a good role model for the victim. According to the evidence the victim was very bright and a good student, but once the abuse began his life seemed to go downhill, eventually leading to substance abuse. In an attempt to turn his life around he later reported the abuse and the case made it all the way to trial. Leading up to the trial the victim had cleaned up and was seemingly confident, during his testimony he came across as very credible, while the defendant was easily tripped up and appeared to be lying about different…show more content…
The defendant was the victim in the abuse case, his life had completely fallen apart, and his substance abuse was worse than it had ever been. On its face, everyone involved in this robbery case just viewed the defendant as an addict who was trying to get a fix. In reality, I knew that this person was more than that, and was a victim of circumstance. This revelation changed the way I viewed future cases. While I think people should be held accountable for their actions, it is important to think about why they are taking such actions to begin with.
Essentially, I am interested in obtaining a Master’s in Forensic Psychology, because I think it is necessary in all aspects of life to understand and examine our actions. I believe society has reached a point in which we must take a hard look at our criminal justice system, including law enforcement training and response. I am particularly interested in first responder psychology, and how the first responder approaches situations with victims and offenders. The Master’s in Forensic Psychology degree would give me the education and tools necessary to assist in criminal justice
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