Child Abuse In America

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The rights of children are being undermined by American civic laws. Children see a comfortable amount of protection from the government, but several issues exist as a result of America still not ratifying The Convention on the Rights of the Child, meaning children are not being protected from abuse, malnutrition, and are not receiving basic health needs. one in four children in America go hungry every day because of lack of food. This percentage of children are primarily of different ethnicity. A child must never go hungry no matter what ethnicity they are, America must protect their younger citizens (0-18 years of age) from going hungry. Abuse is something several children fear everyday with three million cases being reported, 10% being sexual abuse,and about 1000…show more content…
Less income only fuel the civic problem with children not receiving health insurance, enough food, or even being abused because of the many struggles many adults face. This wealth gap has enlarged greatly over a few years because of companies finding ways into and adapting to outside markets. Most American owned companies no longer produce their productss in America, which results in less jobs for Americans only increasing the wealth gap. Companies move to outside sources for the sheer purpose of profit. These high profit companies are able to cheapen, and mass produce their products because of higher workers from less developed countries. With no laws to protect those natives, companies are not forced to pay a minimum wage or even provide health benefits or even a safe environment for workers these situations are classified as sweat shops. Developing these relationships with less developed countries only increase profit margins for the companies. With companies only wanting more money, more and more Americans are loosing their job and having their pay cut because of companies still having traditional work environments in America having to compete with rivals who do not have to adhere to worker
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